Drunk Man Posts Ad On Craigslist To Have A Slurpee Delivered To Him

There are times in life when you read stupid things online only to realize later that it is clever and logical. Craigslist is probably the hub for this kind of thing. It’s safe to say that about half of the site’s ads are entertaining and idiotic, providing hours of entertainment. When I read that a guy put an ad out for someone to buy and deliver him a Slurpee, I didn’t even think twice to whether or not it was a joke. I thought it was just another stupid ad – but then I thought that he may be on to something.

This guy realized he was too drunk to go drive and get a Slurpee himself so he was thinking about the safety of himself and others. And he was using Craigslist what it was used for: to purchase and/or sell goods and services. It’s no different from using other on-demand service apps like Task Rabbit or Instacart. So in reality, he wasn’t doing anything wrong or stupid. It’s not like people haven’t asked for more outlandish things on Craigslist.  Have you ever read the “Casual Encounters” section? Plus, he wasn’t only offering cash, but also the use of his truck if you want anything “delivered.” 

Whether or not the drunken dude got his Slurpee fix is unknown, but I have to commend his determination  of getting his hands on a cup of the icy, sugary concoction. I certainly hope he did because, you know, it’s a karma thing.

Source: Daily Dot