This Guy Broke Into a Pig Farm Because He Likes Pigs

A man in Pennsylvania wants to let the world know that he loves pigs. He loves them so much that he is willing to get arrested. Larry William Henry was arrested when he was found drunk and naked in a hog barn, proving that his swine love knows no bounds.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: was he having sex with them? As far as we know, he wasn’t. He was just drunkenly hanging out in a barn with his hog homies. It’s just your basic, run-of-the-mill basic naked pig party. Apparently this isn’t the first time the 64-year-old has done this. He was already banned from the property he broke into in 2011.

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When the police found him, he told them, “I just love pigs.” He also admitted to drinking a six-pack of beer because a party with market weigh hogs would not be complete without Hamm’s beer made by Miller Brewing Company.

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Pig-loving Henry is now of jail on $25,000 bail and is due in court later this month for an impressive checklist of charges: indecent exposure, criminal trespass, defiant trespass and public drunkenness. Again, let’s just be happy there was no farm animal sex involved in any of this.