Drunk Driver Gets Car Stuck On Golden Gate Bridge Sidewalk

Have you ever gotten into the wrong lane while driving? Maybe haphazardly gone down a turn lane or an off ramp by accident? Well a San Francisco man has “won” – beating all other bad drivers and putting them to shame with his “wrong turn.” On Tuesday morning Daniel Micah drove his Mustang down the pedestrian/ bicycle sidewalk of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge until it became wedged between a fence and the bridge railing. Whoops!

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Micah was arrested for drunk driving, and police say he hit the gas as he headed toward the bridge.   Hit the gas? Hopefully he wasn’t trying to jump off the bridge at the popular suicide hotspot using the “Jason Statham method” via intense car action sequence. Luckily no one was seriously hurt and Micah was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

This Only Looks Cool In The Movies

In order to get the car stuck in such a fashion he plowed through a security gate, took a right hand turn into a parking lot before somehow getting onto the pedestrian walk way.  Authorities had to use a forklift in order to remove the car from where it was wedged. Glad that this guy didn’t hurt anybody and that his  Mustang was forked out of the bridge like a big piece of cheese; what he deserves.

Source: CBS

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