The Saddest Mugshot You’ll Ever See

If you’ve spent much time on the interney you’ve seen more than your fair share of criminal mugshots and in that pile of tragic photo records, you’ve seen an inordinate amount of happy faces. That’s weird because the place most of those people are going doesn’t produce a lot of happy faces unless you’re a huge fan of the show “Oz” or simplified living. However, we’ve seen a mugshot today that is not only ridiculously appropriate for the situation but it may just be the saddest mugshot we’ve ever seen. 


Meet Gabriel Harris, a cyclist with a dream that sadly never came true. He was riding his bike one night after indulging a few too many cocktails when a rumbling came up from the depths of his gut. So he and a friend veered into the drive-thru of a local Taco Bell and tried to order some food to quell his immense hunger. Unfortunately, the eatery was closed even though staff members were still inside the building. That wouldn’t deter Harris from getting his Gordita and he continued to yell into the drive-thru speaker. Police arrived on the scene and Harris refused to leave until he got his meal and a short scuffle ensued with the officers. They took him to jail on a charge of resisting arrest with violence and took a picture of his frowny face. 


The story gets sweeter. Would you like to guess where all this went down? That’s right. It’s Florida! On Sunshine State, never stop being you.