Drunk Burglar Leaves Crime Scene Covered In Cupcake Frosting

Move over Hamburglar, the Cupcake Burglar is out to steal your spotlight.

After hearing some commotion, a homeowner in Alpena, Mi. caught an inebriated burglar stumbling through their house on Sunday, Oct. 18. It’s bad enough that she broke into the house, but it’s even worse that she knocked over a perfectly good tray of cupcakes in her drunken stupor.

When the Cupcake Burglar was spotted by the homeowner, she was apparently sober enough to flee the scene, but was drunk enough to get caught by the Alpena police a couple of blocks away.

The police report said that she was “highly intoxicated and had cupcake frosting and cake all over her torso and legs.” Umm. What exactly was she doing with all those cupcakes? 

The unknown woman was taken to the Alpena County Jail on charges of unlawful entry, malicious destruction of property, and wasting delicious cake frosting. OK. The last one isn’t true, but she should be punished for it.

Source: Mlive