Drug Suspect Has Patriots Helmet Tattooed Over His Entire Head

Generally, we try to avoid stereotyping people and there are some stereotypes surrounding people who get tattoos, but face tattoos are an international symbol for a person’s lack of intelligence. This is especially true if you get a tattoo of a face on your face. It takes a stunning lack of common sense to get inked above your neck and it’s clear that your brain isn’t working because only someone with a permanent numb head could endure such pain.

Last month, police in (where else?) Florida jailed a man who had just such a tattoo, who I assume splurged on this much ink, since it’s not like he was going to use the money for books. St. Petersburg police picked up Victor Thompson on a possession charge after officers caught him carrying some Spice, a synthetic form of marijuana. He has a lot of striking features for a suspect including a bald head, a pair of crazy eyes and a dopey smile to match it. However his tmost striking includes a tattoo that covers the entire surface of cranium. He has a New England Patriots replica helmeted tattoo that covers the top and back of his head including the team’s insignia on either side and a “Riddell” logo just underneath on the top of his forehead. He also has the Vince Lombardi trophy drawn on the very top of his skull. 

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He is not a winner.

It’s an ironic tattoo because we’re sure the man has never worn a helmet in his life for any reason and he clearly needs one unless St. Petersburg has a padded cell.