Someone Drunk Drove a Drone Over the White House

The Secret Service hasn’t had the best track record lately and it got even worse when a mysterious drone landed on the front lawn of the White House. The story gets even worse: The guy flying it was drunk. 

According to The New York Times, an unidentified employee of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency decided to take the drone, a DJI Phantom, out for a little spin early Monday morning from his apartment located near the White House. As he flew it over the White House lawn, it hit a tree or got caught up in a gust of wind causing it to crash on the lawn. The security system that monitors activity around the White House failed to notice the flying quadcopter and the employee didn’t know it landed on the White House lawn until the following morning. He was also legally drunk while flying the drone. 

The employee that crashed the drone on the lawn wasn’t totally sure if it landed inside the White House’s perimeter so all he did was text his friends. Fortunately for the safety of everyone involved, the drone he flew into the White House’s airspace was just something that anyone could pick up in a hobby shop, but it does raise some serious questions about the White House’s security vulnerabilities. It must be pretty poor if it can’t spot a flying toy. 

 Also, should drunk driving a drone be legal? Sure it’s not the same as driving a car down a crowded highway after a night of binge drinking but you are flying something that could at least take out an eye if they crashed it into someone’s face or tried to land one on Kelsey Grammer’s massive forehead.