Audi Driverless Car Driving Itself From San Fran To Vegas

Anyone who lives in Southern California can tell you that living in close proximity to the Sin City is both a blessing and a curse. Las Vegas and all the good times and debauchery it has to offer is only a mere four hours away from Los Angeles, making the potential for a quick, fun weekend trip with the bros a constant possibility.  However the drive home Sunday night after a booze fueled weekend of lap dances and gambling while hitting eight hours of traffic with all the other jackoffs who had the same idea is a hung over nightmare. That’s why many of us look forward to a day soon when driverless cars are the norm and we can sleep on our way home from the party. German Car Company Audi has already making these dreams a reality by testing its A7 driverless concept car on a 550 mile road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas for CES 2015. The car should arrive in Vegas on Tuesday morning if it doesn’t stop at Whiskey Pete’s at the Nevada border and gamble all of its futuristic electronics away.

Hopefully they serve German beer.

This isn’t the wacky Google driverless car that doesn’t even have a steering wheel, but a traditional looking car that has been outfitted with side and rear facing radar censors, laser scanners, a 3D video camera, and four other monitoring cameras. The car which has been nicknamed “Jack’ features an advanced cruise control that makes up what they are calling a “piloted driving system” which can drive up to 70 miles per hour without human intervention.

Hopefully this was the driverless car.

Think of all the drinking you will be able to accomplish and either ride home fast asleep, or even blitzed out of your mind, yet safely NOT behind the wheel of your car. OK, so you could also do a lot of other stuff in your driverless car, like eat, play games on your phone or text everyone telling them how awesome it is to be in a driverless car.

Would you buy or even ride in a car piloted by s computer?

Source: Daily Dot

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