Driver Ran Over Man Dressed As Zombie, Left Him For UnDead

When Hell is full, the dead shall walk the Earth. In the meantime, it’s just some guy in a costume so don’t try to slay them, mm-kay? This is a disclaimer that shouldn’t even need to be shared but it turns out you can’t give people too much credit.

Possible suspect vehicle.

Jeff Stiles of Michigan was dressed as a zombie for a Halloween party when, after stepping outside for a cigarette, he decided to entertain himself by scaring passing motorists. His costume must have been a little too good because one of the motorists intentionally hit him with his car before fleeing the scene.

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The beer can was not part of the costume.

Thankfully, his injuries were not substantial enough to put his life in danger and police are trying to track down the would-be zombie hunter, who deserves the maximum sentence.

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Was Rick letting Carl drive again?

I get it. Video games and television have proven that killing zombies is really fun but that driver needs a reality check. Specifically because this happened in Michigan, I feel that the punishment should be severe. There are parts of Michigan where EVERYONE looks like a zombie. If residents don’t learn to discern the difference between a real zombie and an average Michigander, someone is going to get killed.

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Besides everyone knows you have to kill the brain, stupid.