Driver Crashes $1.5 Million Dollar Car Moments After Leaving Ferrari Dealership!

For Today in Schadenfreude we go to Hungary where a man who just purchased a $1.5 million dollar LaFerrari sports car immediately crashed it after leaving the dealership. Ooof, guess cars really do lose their value the moment they are taken off the lot.

The LaFerrari is a super rare car with only 499 having been built starting in 2014. It is one of the most expensive cars in the world and also one of the most expensive ways to say; why yes I do have microscopic manhood, but I am also incredibly wealthy so STFU.

One motor madman and proud new owner of a LaFerrari (I guess they had to add the “La”  to Ferrari to make it sound even fancier) was driving down  a busy street in Budapest earlier this week when he decided he wanted to really open it up. That’s when things took a turn for the worst. And by turn I mean the car turned into a row of parked cars. In the video below you can see the moment Ladriver hit Lagas and lost control of Lacar.

Here is the footage of the crash, but as the uploader noted it was “filmed with a potato.”

While I enjoy the thought behind cynical joke that race car driving “isn’t a real sport because all the driver has to do is sit there and turn left” – in reality these machines are wild beasts that only the strong and skilled can tame. That is why it is not surprise that at least four of these high priced racing machines have crashed in similar circumstances. The first crash was in Monaco in 2014 and others have happened in China and France.

The driver of the car quickly removed the license plates and pulled out a car over, I’m assuming to make sure no birds ruin his fresh paint job.

Break Question of The Day: How fast have you ever driven or rode in a car?

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Source: Daily Mail UK