Drew Carey Offers $10K To Catch Kids Behind The “Crap Bucket Challenge”

Last week we learned of the group of sadistic teenagers in the Cleveland, Ohio, area who dumped a bucket of urine, feces, and spit on an autistic boy who thought he was going to make an “Ice Bucket Challenge” video. It is a terrible story that made a lot of people feel, well – shitty.

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Now, Cleveland native, comedian, and all around good guy Drew Carey took to Twitter to offer up a $10,000 reward leading to the capture of the little bastards.  Hopefully someone will come on down if the price is right!

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To help in the effort to find these jerks, more celebrities have offered to add to the reward fund.  Jenny McCarthy, whose son has autism, tweeted on Sunday that she will match Drew Carey’s reward money to the Bay Village, Ohio Police Department with $10,000 of her own. And now it looks like someone just spun the Big Wheel, because McCarthy’s new husband, New Kids on The Block’s Donnie Wahlberg has added his own $10,000. So now  you could walk away with $30,000 if you have information leading to the capture of these cruel kids. That sounds better than – a new car!

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Damn, at this point the kids should just turn themselves in and collect the money. What’s the worst that’s going to happen to them? Especially if they are on the high school football team; then they will probably be let go. “Oh sorry, didn’t know you were the quarterback. Carry on then.”  I’m kidding; what should their punishment be when they get caught?

The Price Is Right host also said if the Bay Village police catch the culprits without using the reward fund, or do not accept the money, that he will donate the fund to Autism Speaks. I’m hoping the charity gets the the money.

My only concern is that it could be setting a really terrible precedent. Last week, I asked if getting a bucket of ice water dumped on you raises money for ALS, than what does getting a bucket of feces dumped on you raise money for? It’s great that Carrey and the other celebrities are coming together to donate for a worthy cause. But please everyone, I really don’t think I can handle seeing hundreds of “Crap Bucket Challenges” for Autism in my Facebook feed.

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