Dr. Seuss Actually Wrote An Adult Children’s Book About Naked Ladies (10 PICS)

The world may remember Dr. Seuss as a beloved children’s author with one of the most unique imaginations of any writer or illustrator of his time but even the man who gave the world such innocent delights had a dark side. And we’re not talking about “The Butter Battle Book.”

Last Monday marked the late doctor’s 111th birthday and a publishing house announced they would release an unreleased, unfinished book crafted by Theodore Geisel before his death in 1991. Following the news, some of Dr. Seuss’ lesser known works started to surface including his forgotten attempt to make an adult children’s book.

Dr. Seuss’ “The Seven Lady Godivas” attempts to tell “The True Facts Concerning History’s Barest Family.” Seuss said in the forward, “History has treated no name so shabbily as it has the name Godiva” also known as the legend of Lady Godiva who famously rode naked on a horse through the streets of Coventry to overturn oppressive taxation laws enacted by her husband. Seuss’ picture book presents a different story of seven naked women living together in what sounds like the plot of a sitcom cancelled by the Playboy Channel.

The book didn’t sell very well and only 10,000 original copies were ever made. Here are some of the images from Seuss’ attempt to sex up his work. Some of these drawings might be NSFW if you work in an office that prohibits accessing images of naked butts and breasts without nipples.

The women all live under the care of their father, a knight, who gets bucked from his horse and dies leaving them to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t try to deal with their grief with a simultaneous shower scene.

The women make a vow to their father not to marry until they have “brought to the light of the world some new and worthy Horse Truth, of benefit to men.” Apparently it’s in that book that all the local men swear they just read for the articles.

We couldn’t find a copy of the book’s text so the story gets a little murkier from here. We’re assuming that the ladies are either running the day to day operations of their horse farm or they don’t know how horses work.

And now “Lady Godiva: Medieval Mechanic!”

Apparently, Dr. Seuss wanted to make sure that the ladies could have something to enjoy with his nudie story.

This is the closest that the book gets to a shower scene. Although it must be funny to tell people who haven’t seen the book that the scene involves a horse.

No Dr. Seuss book is complete without some strange contraption. We were hoping for something like an automatic body washer or a “Busty Brass Breast Embiggener for Bustier Lasses.”

This page really needs some kind of caption NOW.

Don’t you hate it when you forget your keys in the middle of a storm and you forget that you left a spare in the Book of Horse Truth? The only way it could be worse is if you’ve taken a vow of nudity.

We feel about a lot better about about the bad plans we made for our last New Years’ Eve party. At least we were drunk when we woke up naked at midnight in that poor guy’s barn.

The End.

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