This Attractive Doctor Is Famous On Instagram For Really Disgusting Reasons

It’s easy for attractive ladies to gain followers on Instagram, destined for fortune and glory. But for Dr. Sandra Lee, she’s not gaining views because of her good looks and bikini selfies like the usual attractive ladies. It’s because she’s a Dermatologist with her profile mainly consisiting of videos featuring her work. That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize most of her work is popping awful, nightmarish zits on her patients. Zits that look like they belong in a Clive Barker movie. Zits that belong in hell.

But of course we couldn’t expect you to just take us by our word. Proof is in the pudding. Zit pudding that is. Check out some of her videos below while we snack on some crackers to keep our nausea down.

First let’s start slow with an easy one.


Here’s a new one, because blackheads are a lot like snowflakes to me… ????????

A video posted by Sandra Lee, MD (@drsandralee) on

Yep, that was still pretty bad. Now how about this one.

Mmmmmmboy. Of course the good doctor has time to post a selfie or two to clean your palette. Aaaaand then it’s back to popping more disgusting pimples for her followers to enjoy.


If you can believe it, Lee has almost 11,000 followers who apparently enjoy this stuff with any post getting anywhere from 100 to 500 likes. Head to Instagram HERE in case you wanted to see much, much more skin cheese.

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