Someone’s Plastic Water Bottle Ruined This ‘Downton Abbey’ Promo

Talk about a screw up. After a few promo images were released via social media teasing the fifth season of Downton Abbey, fans began to notice a huge mistake in one of the photos: a plastic water bottle.

The error was so painfully obvious, the image had to be immediately pulled. Nothing like taking your audience completely out of the new season’s 1924 era, which was about 40 years before plastic bottles were even available to the general public. Of course by the time it was pulled, many people had not only seen the image, but also felt the need to correct the error on the show’s behalf.

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I’m sure the actors were pretty stoked (annoyed) to see their image removed from the show’s publicity, although this screwup has actually made the image more popular than the other character images released. So that’s a win…I think. Check out the full series of Downton Abbey images.

I don’t watch this show at all, but if screwups like this were actually in the program, it’d make for a pretty amazing drinking game.

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source: People