‘Doug The Party Goat’ Lives The Life You Wish You Could

Doug the Party Goat is like the Spud Mckenzie we didn’t know we needed. Put a BUD logo on practically any image uploaded to the official “Doug the Party Goat” instagram account and you have an image of partying luxury. But who is Doug the Party Goat anyway?



First of all, Doug is one lucky S.O.B. But the truth of it seems that some beach goin’, surfboard riding, partyin’ bro purchased himself a goat to take along on his own partying adventures. After a few posts to Instagram, Doug is beginning to gain a following featuring Doug’s rise to fame. Especially his popularity with the ladies. And now that he’s got your attention, Doug the Party Goat is really getting the party started now that the summer season is well on its way.

Really we don’t know the entire story of who owns Doug the Party Goat and it seems Doug’s fans don’t really care. We just want to live vicariously through Doug while he motoboats hot babes…

Hangs out with more hot babes…

And wins the hearts of more hot party babes…

Did we mention that Doug the Party Goat lives an awesome life?

Someone create a statue of this Party Goat already so we can honor him for generations to come.

Follow Doug’s partying ways on his instagram HERE.

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