South Dakota Discontinues “Don’t Jerk and Drive” Campaign, Because Seriously?

Year after year, South Dakota’s drivers face treacherous driving conditions every time they dare to head down one of their icy roads. Drivers quickly steer on these roads causing deadly pileups and traffic delays. So the South Dakota Department of Public Safety started a public awareness campaign against “jerking” the wheel while driving. You can probably guess where this is going and if you can’t, just Google the word “Jerk” on Google Images without the safety tilter on and don’t come complaining to us when your HR rep sends you a nasty, threatening email.

The Department of Public Safety brainstormed a campaign called “Don’t Jerk and Drive” and state officials put the kibosh on the program because of the saucy double-meaning of the word “jerk.” South Dakota’s Highway Safety Director Lee Axdahl admitted publicly that they chose the slogan because of the double-entendre that they would hope would jerk people’s attention towards it. Well, technically, it worked.

Officials from the DPS explained in a hearing before the state’s transportation committee that the choice of words in the slogan was “a terrible error in judgment.” South Dakota Public Safety Director Trevor Jones said in a released statement that they decided to pull (not that way, sicko) the awareness campaign because “I don’t want this innuendo to distract from our goal to save lives.” They may not realize it yet but might have done just that. If we lived in a town where we thought there was a sudden surge in chronic, driving masturbators on the roads, we probably wouldn’t set foot outside of our house let alone on an icy road.

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