Donald Trump Reports For Jury Duty In New York: Instagram Pics

We found out the other week that even former Presidents of the United States have to go to jury duty and now it seems that potential future presidents do as well. POTUS candidate Donald Trump received a summons to appear at the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Damn, even his jury duty appearances sound classy and luxurious!

Donald said he was “looking forward to appearing” at jury duty.  

Regardless if you are a fan of The Donald or not, seeing him sit through the jury selection process like common riff raff is just amusing. You might be asking “couldn’t someone like Donald Trump just get out of jury duty?” Only losers don’t get out of jury duty, right?  And before he was running for president he did; Trump reportedly had a $250 fine for not appearing for jury duty five times over nine years.

I find that incredible; only $250 for not going to jury duty five times? Even if you are not a billionaire who spends $250 on lunch, this would probably pen out in your budget. I mean if you have to miss work for days on end while attending jury duty, and you are an hourly wage earner, you could lose a lot more than $250. Sounds like Trump knows how to make the right financial choice!

This Instagram was taken with MS Paint ’95.

A spokesman for Trump says that the reason he did not attend jury duty before is that the summons was sent to the wrong address, saying:

“You gotta serve it to the right property … I believe he owns the building but he doesn’t reside there. Nobody knows what happened to the document.”  

I’m totally using that excuse next time.

Break Question of The Day: If you could afford it, how many of you would rather pay a $250 fine than have to go to jury duty? That money can go toward the budget of the local government and another citizen will simply take your place on the jury. That is what Donald would call a win.

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Source: Vocativ