Woman Painted Donald Trump With Menstrual Blood And It’s Not Half Bad

A female artist has decided to give Donald Trump the ultimate tribute by painting a portrait of the Republican presidential candidate with her very own period blood. The good news is she actually created the portrait with good intentions, by selling the piece with proceeds going to “an immigrants’ rights organization”. Which charity specifically is uncertain, but what is certain is she really got Trump down with her talents.

The shading could use a touch more work. And by work I mean period blood.

According to artist Sarah Levy’s facebook page, she’s an Education Assistant at “The Church” in Portland, Oregon (which could be any number of places according to Google maps) but it seems painting people she really hates with her period blood is her true passion in life, God bless’er.

Pointing out some of the more ignorant comments Trump has made (especially since his run for the presidency), she thought his latest in which he called out a female reporter for being tough on him purely because she was “on her period” was due for a more literal artistic treatment. Unfortunately Levy has already pointed out to potential buyers that the painting has turned from a bright red to more of a lovely brown hue. Oh good.

With the portrait titled “Whatever”, Sarah doesn’t really tell us how one can bid on such a special piece so head to her facebook page to place a bid and hope for the best. It’s unclear if the portrait stinks of metal, but that only would give it more value I’d think.