The Official Trump/Clinton Debate Drinking Game

Plan on tuning into the first debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tonight? We are too, but we don’t plan on simply loafing on the couch while watching before complaining about it on Facebook like some people. We plan on following along while getting good and toasty but to make sure you’re truly paying attention, here’s a fun drinking game to really keep this shit show interesting.

1. Take a shot of Nyquil If Hillary coughs at any time. Take half a shot if she’s just clearing her throat.
2. Take a shot of Trump Vodka if either candidate directly calls the other a LIAR.
3. Take a bong hit if Trump finally blurts out the “C” word.
4. Shotgun a beer like a college student if Trump University is mentioned.
5. Chug a beer and smoke a cigar if Monica Lewinski is mentioned.
6. Take two shots if Hillary calls Trump a racist.
7. If Benghazi is mentioned you have to keep doing the same shot over and over again untl
8. Every time “emails” are mentioned you have to delete a shot into your mouth.
9. Finish all of the booze left if Andy Kaufman walks out revealing it was all a joke.
10. Take a shot of Nyquil if Bill Clinton falls asleep during the debate.
11. Facepalm every time Hillay Clinton mentions working with Obama.
12. Chug a beer whenever an audience member punches an audience member on the opposing team.
13. Hide behind the couch and take a shot if “tax returns” are mentioned.
14. Take a shot if the cameraman mistakes Hillary’s hands for Trump’s hands.
15. Finish your beer if Trump and Hillary end up kissing because the tension is too much to bare.
16. Drink each time trump says “the greatest”.
17. Drink each time the moderator cant make someone stop talking.
18. Two drinks each time the camera cuts to Mark Cuban.
19. Two drinks each time the camera cuts to Chelsea Clinton thinking she’s Mark Cuban.
20. If you’ve lasted this long, you should clearly be the President instead because you’re a true American badass.

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