Donald Trump Gives Out Senator Lindsey Graham’s Personal Cell Phone Number On TV

At the fabulous, beautiful, biggest campaign rally ever held in the history of America, presidential candidate Donald Trump went after rival presidential candidate, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who recently called The Donald “a jackass.” On CBS This Morning he said that Trump is;

“The world’s biggest jackass. Even the jackasses are offended by Trump’s remarks.” Graham added.


Senator Lindsey Graham will now be taking your calls if he wants to or not.

Oooh, you done messed up now, son! Unfortunately for Sen. Graham he forgot that he had spoken to Trump on the phone several years ago in an effort to get an appearance on Fox News where Trump is featured often.

Maybe this is all just a brilliant strategy by Trump in order to make it really difficult for people to get a hold of Graham. With everyone calling his cell phone, the line will be busy and he will miss important interview calls and his staff letting him know when and where he is supposed to go.


Trump should release the personal numbers of all of the other 2016 presidential candidates; they will be helpless as the American people constantly troll their numbers.  If you are a fan of Trump or not you have to admit this is a brilliant move. As for Graham it seems like he has a sense of humor about the whole thing:


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Source: Gawker