Don’t Believe Hugh Hefner Death Hoax!

If you have Facebook friends like mine who unscrupulously share fraudulent news stories, then you woke up this morning reading the upsetting headlines that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was dead. The stock price of Viagra probably took a dive after the untrue post from rumor generator “NBC Today” quickly went viral saying Hugh Hefner’s body was found at the Playboy Mansion. While it sure is quick clicks telling everyone that a famous and beloved 88 year-old man passed away, the false news hit home for the octogenarian poon crusher. Hef’s current wife Crystal Hefner (“Crystal”- of course, LOL) tweeted to her followers Sunday that the ultimate ladies’ man was healthy and at home – with his ladies.

Lady Hef later tweeted a quote from Mark Twain that seems appropriate given the circumstances.

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For now the only thing Hugh is going to be six feet under is a pile of Playboy Bunnies; the way God intended. To celebrate the fact that he is still kickin’ it here are twenty-one photos of the playboy himself who has been living like the man for decades since before most of us were born.

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Source: The Independent

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