Domino’s Accidentally Delivers $1,300 In Cash To Customer

Remember a few years ago when Domino’s tried to relaunch its brand as a pizza company wasn’t a purveyor of putrid pies? Maybe they should have tried this instead.

A Domino’s Pizza in Berkeley, California accidentally delivered a stack of bills, $1,300 to be exact, in neatly bundled cash to a customer instead of the chicken wings they ordered. Mike Vegas said he had the night off and decided to treat himself by ordering something to eat from Domino’s but when he got called back into work at the last second, he stuck what he thought was the chicken wings in the fridge and left it there overnight. Talk about scoring some cold cash! Yeah, I’m not proud of that.

Then when he got home from his bartending job around 5 a.m. the next morning, he went back to the fridge to grab a bite and instead of enjoying some subpar chicken wings, he found two stacks of cash in the box instead. He said he laughed when he saw the money in there and actually posted a picture of it on his Instagram page. It turns out that the driver who delivered the money had been trying to call him but Vegas never answered since he wasn’t home. Vegas returned the money and the Domino’s offered him free pizza for an entire year for his good deed. He’s going to wish that he’d kept the money when that year is up since he’ll need it to buy a blood pressure cuff by the end of that year.