Domino’s New Delivery Car Has Its Own Pizza Warming Oven

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a cold pizza delivered to your house. Sometimes, it’s not the driver’s fault or even the chef who made it. They can’t control the temperature and it’s not like they can put a pizza oven into the delivery vehicle… but apparently, they can and did. 

LOL, “For official use only” – what like the pizza police?

Domino’s Pizza announced that they are working with Chevrolet to implement a new fleet of pizza delivery vehicles that have a working pizza oven built into them. The “Delivery ExPert” (DXP) takes the Chevy Spark and puts an “outward-facing warming oven” in the back space of the car that can keep up to 80 pizzas warm at once. Now if Domino’s could just make a pizza that is edible, then they’d be all set. 

I would take the showroom model out for a spin and try out a few slices.

The new cars will be implemented into the chain’s locations in 25 US cities in the next 90 days or, we assume, the cars will be free. 

OK, they promised us flying cars by 2015, but I will take a pizza heating car.

Domino’s president Russell Weiner says that these vehicles are “aimed at revolutionizing pizza delivery” and shows that “Domino’s is absolutely fanatical about making perfect deliveries.” If they were really that fanatical about delivering pizzas, they also put some kind of gun on the car that launches the pizza right into their customers’ digestive tract. THAT’S fanatical. 

Source: UPI