Loyal Domino’s Customer’s Life Was Saved Thanks To Domino’s Delivery Girl

In what might be the only time we’ll ever write this…a Domino’s delivery person saved the life of a loyal Domino’s customer. That’s right, the customer who had been calling in to order a pizza every day (or “every other day”) quickly became friends with the employees of the local Domino’s in Salem, Oregon since it opened in 2009.

But one week recently, they didn’t hear from the loyal customer and sent a driver to go check on them, which turned out to be more than a kind gesture. It was a life saving one!

General Manager, Sarah Fuller. Aka the hottest heroic Domino’s employee ever.

General Manager Sarah Fuller looked up the customer’s account, 48-year-old Kirk Alexander, last Saturday night after realizing they hadn’t seen him in a while. That’s when they looked up his account and noticed it had been 11 days since they’d heard from him. Alexander’s bowels could not be reached for comment.

Going off of heroic pizza worker instinct, Fuller thought it might be best to send a delivery person to Alexander’s house to make sure he had just started eating salads instead or something. Turns out it was a life saving decision because Alexander had apparently had a stroke and was lying on his floor unconscious. The question is…was the stroke at all related to eating Domino’s pizza ALMOST EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS?

When the delivery person, Tracey Hamblen arrived, the lights were on in the home and she could hear the TV, but no one would come to the door. Luckily the paramedics arrived in time and Alexander was saved!

Salem, Oregon’s police department thanks Hamblen and the rest of the Domino’s team for being such great citizens in finding Alexander and saving his life. Let’s hope it’ll be a quick recovery until Alexander can go back to eating Domino’s like the red blooded American he is.