Dolph Lundgren’s Shooting Kindergarten Cop 2 And Here Are Set Pics To Prove It

Arnold Schwarzenegger is obviously known for his action roles but it’s his portrayal of the comedically sweet Detective John Kimble in Kindergarten Cop that is one of his more surprising achievements. Directed by Ivan Reitman, KC was a big success in 1990 and it looks like we’re actually getting a sequel to the film thirty years later. However, we won’t be seeing the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of the Cop but instead Dolph Lundgren stepping in to fill Arnold’s shoes (or at least the film’s title). Frankly, I think if anyone is going to do it, Lundgren is probably the most obvious man for the job.

Of course at first glance, this whole thing seems like a joke produced by Funny or Die or maybe it’s not a Kindergarten Cop movie at all, but some sort of ripoff titled “Schoolyard Officer”. Nope, it’s definitely Kindergarten Cop 2 and here are the set pics to prove it.

[[contentId: 2880683| | style: height:511px; width:511px]]

Lundgren hates dinosaurs. And bean bag chairs.

[[contentId: 2880684| | style: height:510px; width:510px]]

I hope he fights those bear statues.

[[contentId: 2880685| | style: height:511px; width:511px]]

Kindergarten Cop 2: Holy Sh*t

I’d rather not go into who’s directing and writing this thing because that might spoil the fun of this being at all decent, but you can head to JoBlo where these set pictures came from for more info.

No word if Schwarzenegger himself will appear in the movie or if this film will at all be in theaters (doubt it) but considering the movies Arnold has been making lately, I doubt he would turn down any offer to make a cameo. Maybe this could be like a reversed Terminator where in this second film he’s the bad guy! Call me, Hollywood.

The rest of you can have your Sharknado‘s…I want my Kindergarten Cop 2.