There’s A New Sex Fetish Called ‘Dogging’ And It’s Stranger Than It Sounds

Europe is known for giving strange names to things that don’t exactly help lead the explanation as to what it even is. They’re also known for creating new sex fetishes that are taking Europe by storm apparently. For instance, there’s a new sex fetish in Britain called “Dogging”, but it (thankfully) does not include a dog.

British comedian Stephen Merchant was on Jeff Garlin’s podcast recently and enlightened the live audience as to the new trend in weird sex fetishes going down in his home country. Merchant revealed, “It’s not necessarily what you think. People go to a parking lot at night and they park up there in their car and they have sex. And then other people gather around the car and watch the other two having sex and jerkoff. That’s ‘Dogging’.” Now obviously the people gathering aren’t any friends or acquaintances of the couple having sex, but rather strangers from Craigslist watching strangers have sex…while masturbating next to other strangers.

The better part of Merchant’s explanation is when he got a text invite from a number he didn’t recognize.

When Merchant was sitting at his home one random evening, he received a text that said, “Hey! Dogging again tonight? Same place?” To make the accidental text from the Dogging participant even better, they texted Merchant’s number again saying “Any chance you could hook me up with cable TV?” All of that led Merchant to believe to men met at a Dogging event and actually became friends because of it.

Now if you’d rather not search high and low on Craigslist for people looking to go Dogging with, there’s actually a website letting folks know where the Dogging will take place as well as DVDs and other really, um, interesting NSFW stuff. Of course my question is what happens when it’s over? What happens if the couple finishes before you do? What happens when you get a “bad seat” in the audience? So many questions.

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source: Earwolf