Dog Walks Into Hospital To Find Owner Battling Cancer

A family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is not sure exactly how it happened but their dog, a miniature Schnauzer named Sissy walked 15 blocks to the hospital all on her own.

Sissy Was Sick Of Not Seeing Her Owner

Sissy’s owner Nancy Franck has been at the Mercy Medical Center for the past two weeks recovering from surgery related to her cancer.

Automatic Doors Are Not Match For Sissy The Dog

The dog made an appearance way past visiting hours, arriving at the hospital sometime after 1:30AM.  The whole thing was captured on surveillance cameras.

Rude Dog Didn’t Bring Flowers

Nancy’s husband Dale Franck told reporters that Sissy was “on a mission to see her mom, but couldn’t find the right elevator to take.”

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After Dale noticed that the dog was missing he started to panic, however he soon got a call from  security personal at the hospital who discovered the loving pooch wandering the hallways. They quickly ID’d the dog by her tags and were shocked to discover how far she had traveled.

How Far Doggy Howser Had To Walk

The Frannck’s daughter went to the hospital to retrieve Sissy, but not before getting permission to bring her up to see Nancy for a few minutes. Dale thinks that the 11 year old dog might have known the route as she used to ride with him to pick Nancy up who used to work next to the hospital.

Nancy Was Overjoyed To See Her Little Friend

While she is still undergoing chemo therapy, doctors believe that most of her cancer is gone. Here is hoping that Nancy is soon reunited permanently back home with Sissy and her family.

What is the farthest your pet has ever traveled to find you?

Source: NewsNet5

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