Dog The Bounty Hunter To Hunt MMA Fighter Who Beat Porn Star Girlfriend

What happens if you are a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who beats up his porn star girlfriend and then goes on the run? You get hunted by reality TV star Dog The Bounty Hunter.  #’Merica.

Dog, on the Hunt.

It all started last week when former Ultimate Fighter War Machine (AKA Jon Koppenhaver) got in altercation with three people and beat his porn star girlfriend, Christy Mack.

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Christy Mack

He reportedly broke her jaw, eye socket, nose. He also fractured her ribs and ruptured her liver, among other injuries. Mack says he even sawed a bunch of  her hair off with a dull knife. This brings us to our Break Readers’ Questionnaire: What form of slow and painful torture would you like to see happen to War Machine? I know you guys are creative.

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“War Machine”‘ – Needs to have his tattoos removed with a dull knife.

Now, friends of Christy Mack in the porn community such as Jenna Jameson and Tasha Reign are trying to raise at least $100K in order to help pay for facial reconstruction due to her injuries. Incidentally $100K is the amount for the reward for War Machine’s capture.

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Christy Mack in the hospital.

Maybe if good guy Dog captures War Machine he will donate the bounty to Christy Macks medical bills? Meanwhile, while on the run, War Machine tweeted that it was all a huge misunderstanding and he was really coming over to propose…

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Dog The Bounty Hunter isn’t buying it, and says that unless War Machine turns himself over to police within twenty four hours, he is coming after him. This I want to see.

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Let’s be honest, Dog The Bounty Hunter is a reality TV personality with a show to promote. Someone who gets paid to think of fun ways to promote Duane “Dog” Chapman and the current incarnation of his show, “Dog and Beth on The Hunt” which airs on the Country Music Television channel (wait, what?) probably thought this would get some headlines… and oh damn it they got me. That’s why we need to hold Dog to his word and make sure he really goes after War Machine. For example, if he doesn’t do it, we should all stop watching his show! OK, never mind, No one watches anyway. But still, I hope he really does go after that bastard. Who do you think will win? Back in 2010 War Machine actually said that if Dog The Bounty Hunter ever came after him, he would kick his ass!

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