Dog Sadly Waits For Dead Owner Outside Of A Hospital

If you’re in any kind of a good mood stop reading now. We found a very sad story about a loyal dog patiently waiting for her owner to emerge from a Siberian hospital so they can go home. 

This story will make you said unless you’re a cat person who we all know are inherently evil. 

The sad part is that the dog’s owner is never coming out because he passed away almost a year ago. The dog named Masha has been sitting at the hospital waiting for her owner to return. Masha would stay by her master’s side during his months long hospital stay, beginning two years ago, and walk back home to guard the house while he was away. The dog continued to show up at the hospital even after his owner’s death and the hospital staff was so touched by this gesture that they’ve just been letting her stay and even bringing her food and water while she sits outside the hospital. The staff members said they are happy to take care of Masha as long as she keeps showing up but they can tell that she’s depressed by her sullen demeanor. 

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If that’s not the saddest thing you’ve ever heard of, then either someone removed your tear ducts as a young child or you have no soul. Either way, please seek medical help immediately.

Source: Elite Daily

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