Dog Leaves To Play In The Yard, Returns With A Huge Bag Of Mystery Weed

In what is possibly the greatest mystery you’ll read today, a family dog left his home to simply play outside in the yard. After being gone for a while, the family dog returned, only he had a bag with him. The homeowner at first thought it was a random bag of trash that his dog felt the need to keep, but after picking it up and looking inside, the homeowner immediately smelled weed.

His dog had in fact not just brought back a bag with some weed in it, it was actually a bag with nothing but weed…and a full pound of it too.

Having zero clue where their dog found what we’ll call “a gift from heaven”, the homeowner immediately called authorities before some drug dealer looking to murder whomever stole his shit showed up at their front door. This story really does have the makings for an R-rated, yet family friendly dog adventure. Think Homeward Bound but with way more Doritos and dry mouth.

Authorites arrived at the Mississippi home to investigate but officials say that they can’t figure out where the bag came from. And since police are now involved, I doubt whomever is missing their bag of weed will go asking around for it. Let’s face it, what kind of ending to this story were you hoping for? On the other hand, let’s assume this story has a happier ending and the homeowner kept some of the weed for himself. Y’know, as a reward.

The question however is if YOUR pet came home with a bag of weed, would you keep it or simply call the authorities and turn it in?