This Dog’s Farts Almost Got It Killed

Every year, three-to-four million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States. So when a pit bull named Misty was adopted from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina, it looked like she was one of the lucky ones. But unfortunately for Misty, her new owner had a case of buyer’s remorse, and returned her to the shelter. Why? Dog farts.

According to information pasted on the Greenville County Pet Rescue Facebook page, Misty’s would-be owners returned her because she “passes too much gas.” Granted, dog farts aren’t the most pleasant thing in the world. But even if Misty’s flatulence was particularly repulsive, is that any reason to sign her death warrant?

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You’ll get the chair for this, fido!

Upon her return, Misty was placed on the shelter’s urgent list, meaning that she was destined to be inhaling gas of a different sort. But luckily, her bizarre story caused an outpouring of grief from people on the Internet offering to donate to the shelter. Some people even offered to buy Misty special dog food designed to reduce flatulence, which raises the question of why they can’t design similar food for humans. An anti-flatulence burrito would probably save a lot of relationships. But I digress.

Thanks to the outpouring of support, the shelter was able to place Misty with a foster family, sparing her from death row. Shelter spokeswoman Susan Bufano also said she anticipates that a permanent, hopefully well ventilated home can be found, which is great news.

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“I’m glad to hear the farting dog lived!”

Of course, in the time it took me to write this, 30 people were killed in Iraq. But whatever, at least the farting dog is fine! (Source)