Dog Abandoned At Train Station With Suitcase Packed Full Of His Stuff

A dog’s owner left him tied to a railing in a train station in Scotland, with a suitcase full of his belongings. Maybe he was just looking for the “dog training” class, but ended up at the “dog train?”


The only way to make this more “sad-cute” is if he was holding a hobo stick in his mouth.

The Scottish SPCA is looking for information on the person who abandoned the dog who they discovered is named Kai. Abandoning an animal is a criminal offense in Scotland and they could face animal welfare charges. Kai – why is that name familiar? Oh no! Kai the Homeless Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker! Maybe Kai wasn’t the name of the dog it was the name of his owner! He wasn’t abandoned, he was trying to escape!!

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OK, probably not. Isn’t he in jail?

Authorities were able to use a microchip they found on Kai to also track down his original owner who said he sold Kai to someone else in 2013. I’m no Sherlock Holmes but maybe the original owner could point out the person he sold Kai to? Also, not to victim blame here, but he was already on his second owner when he was abandoned with a bag of his stuff at a train station? Damn Kai, you really need to stop shitting on the rug.

The shar-pie is a sharp dressed fellow and his suitcase was filled with pretty much what you would expect a suitcase packed for a dog to contain. Packed for his unexpected journey were: a dog toy, a food bowl, dog food and a pillow; which I’m guessing was for the poor little guy to cry himself to sleep on. He sounds like the George Clooney of Dogs; everything he owns, he can fit in just one suitcase (Up In The Air, anyone?).

Let’s hope that Kai finds a happy home.

Source: Scottish SPCA

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