Does This Couch Remind You Of The Female Anatomy?

Twitter user @MissPotkin discovered what might be the filthiest couch out there this side of an episode of Hoarders. Sitting right there in the middle of a furniture showroom for everyone to see was a big pink couch displaying all its goods and services. Call me crazy but I’m just sayin’ someone needs to put some panties on that couch.

This might be what you call a “love seat.”

I count five batches of lady business. Damn, this couch is a skank. However people do pay good money to have a myriad of sexual devices in their home such as sex swings, sex chairs, and full blown Love Dolls. Now unneutered dogs and teenage boys alike will be super stoked to find this scandalous davenport in their living rooms. Although don’t go searching for lost change in the folds of this sofa, or you might get more than a few loose quarters. There will probably also be a few rougue french-fries as well.

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New Break Editor’s office couch.

Now you might be saying to yourself; well lots of people have sex ON a couch. But who the hell would have sex WITH a couch? Well that’s where you’re wrong. We might have just found the perfect romantic match for THIS guy who made headlines last year for getting caught going to town on a couch in the middle of the street.

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