Does Smoking Weed Give You Man Boobs?



All you dude stoners out there might want to put the bong down and read this. I don’t mean to harsh your buzz but a doctor has written a article suggesting that smoking Mary Jane, ganja, the marijuana may cause men to develop breasts. Boobies! Moobs! Celebrate 420 a little too much and you’re going to end up looking like Bob from Fight Club.


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According to Dr. Anthony Youn, Gynecomastia (moobs) can be caused by an imbalance of testosterone versus estrogen; when a guy’s body has more estrogen than testosterone he starts developing a pair of lovely lady humps.  Some studies have indicated that marijuana may cause a decrease in testosterone; thus Dr. Youn speculates that this is the reason many pot smokers get the man – gams. In fact the fifth most common plastic surgery among men is to get the their moobs reduced! In 2012, 23,000 men underwent the surgery. Although I have my own theory. You know what also gives you man boobs? The Munchies! See, Mr. Scientist, that’s some cause and effect right there. Think about it, man.  All those pot smokers aren’t getting moobs from smoking pot, they are getting moobs from the snacks they eat… as a result of smoking pot.

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Test subjects.

The thing that doctors encouraging men to smoke less pot might not count on is that stoners might enjoy having their own pair of breasts. Give them a bag of sticky icky, corn chips and a pair of their very own breasts to play with and I’d imagine that they will never leave the couch.

Will you guys smoke less if you knew that it would give you man breasts?

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