The Most Terrifying Medical Mishap You’ve Ever Heard Of

This story is guaranteed to make you uncomfortable in any number of ways, as it’s pretty much one of the worst things you could ever imagine a hospital doing.  Medical students at a hospital in Mexico were helping with the delivery of a baby and, when it came time to cut the umbilical cord, they missed.  They cut his penis instead.

Right now it’s OK to take a minute and cross your legs, maybe grab a drink.

Somehow making this awful story worse, the doctor in charge at the time tried to cover up the mistake by just fixing t, which resulted in several more deep cuts.  Eventually they managed to sew everything back together again, but it required some time and, apparently, a number of lies as they tried to hide the entire thing from the parents.

According to the father, hours had passed since his wife gave birth and he still hadn’t been allowed to see the baby with no news from hospital staff as to why.  When pressed they said the baby had a “minor accident.”

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The father was finally able to figure out what happened, because you really can’t hide this sort of thing, and now the hospital is said to be launching a formal investigation, for all the good that will do.  The parents, for their part, are wondering why students who can’t tell the difference between a penis and an umbilical cord were even involved in the care and delivery of their child when obviously they were not trained well enough to handle the situation at all.  And it’s a good question.  But it’s also worth wondering how anyone,  even a random dude on the street let alone someone who is supposed to be a med student, could make that mistake.  There’s a world of difference between an umbilical cord and a penis, not the least of which is the fact one connects the baby to its mother and one doesn’t.  How could that not have been obvious?  And even if they were trimming the cord that had been still attached to the baby after the initial cut, it’s the top one!  If two things are sticking out of the baby, the umbilical cord is the top one!  That has to be first day stuff in the unit on child birth.

The hospital, however, denies this version of events entirely.  According to the hospital’s version, there was no accidental cutting off of anything.  An accidental cut was made to the foreskin and was repaired as part of the normal circumcision process, which the parents had consented to.  So from their point of view, everything went ahead as planned.

For what it’s worth, many media headlines suggest the penis was cut right off;

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and some just blatantly say it;

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while the body of the story definitely makes it sound more like they cut it, but not off.  So maybe the media did blow this out of proportion, but are the parents wrong?  Did the hospital use idiot students who couldn’t tell the difference between two vastly different pieces of anatomy?  And was that accidental cut just one of several?  Hard to say at this point, but the hospital insists the baby is fine and there is no cause for concern.  The parents are definitely not happy though.