Quick Thinking Doctors Save Man’s Hand By Attaching It To His Leg

With today’s modern technology, if you accidentally get your hand chopped off, no big deal! Doctors can easily save your appendage by sewing it to an artery or two in order to continue blood flow so the tissue doesn’t die. Unfortunately the arteries the doctors like to use are located in your leg, so you end up looking like something out of a Stephen King novel by the end of the day. Hey, you get to keep your hand though! Right? Right??

Here’s photo proof showing the vomit-inducing miracle of modern science.

It’s both horrifying and cool (but mainly horrifying) at the same time. Also not sure what looks more dead, the dudes severed hand or pasty non-severed leg.

In China, a factory worker named Zhou had an accident at his apparently dangerous job where a spinning blade severed his hand completely. He thought instantly that his left arm would be handless forever, but doctors not amateurs to this type of accident knew exactly what to do. The hand lived on Zhou’s leg for an entire month before finally being healthy enough to get re-attached it to his left arm. The final procedure took 10 hours to complete.

The crazy part is this isn’t the first time this type of procedure has taken place. In 2013 another accident found a man with a severed right hand, which doctors then sewed to the man’s right leg. In this case as well, the doctors were able to re-attach the man’s hand to his arm a month after the initial procedure. Maybe these Chinese factories need to go over proper safety procedures so eveyone can stop getting their hands sewn to their damn legs.

Well, now that we’ve discussed hands being sewn to legs long enough, let’s assign some toilets so we can all throw up in an orderly manner.