Doctor Leaves Out Fast Food For 2 Years To Show Its Awful Side Effects

A chiropractor in Michigan decided to buy some fast food for their office which included a cheeseburger from McDonalds and a chicken taco from Taco Bell. Sounds delicious! Only it wasn’t for anyone’s consumption. It was actually meant to make a point to the customers of Vaughn Chiropractic by letting them know how awful fast food is by letting it sit out next to their sign-in sheet for two years, which they just recently achieved. What’s weirder than holding this experiment in a waiting room is the food has literally not changed one bit in the 24-month period. Granted, they did place the food underneath a glass serving dome.

With a sign that says “Let’s see how long it takes for fast food to rot or mold!”, the results are pretty minimal. Minimal but huge. One of the office’s assistants spoke with Yahoo Finance about their experiment.

“Fast food is just terrible for you,” she said. “We are showing our patients that it won’t mold and even the bugs won’t touch it.”

Okay, who tore the bun off this one! Great, now the presentation is ruined.

Of course McDonald’s has this question already covered on their website with an explanation that I’m not sure I can entirely swallow. Here’s their explanation as to why their food doesn’t rot.

With the explanation of blaming moisture for creating mold, on one hand, yes, absolutely. But you mean to tell me any food not sitting in a light drizzle won’t eventually get moldy? We’re talking about meat here, not an onion peel. Regardless, I’m sure the patients of Vaughn Chiropractic are appreciating that two-year smell in that waiting room before getting their back cracked.

My problem though isn’t so much how unhealthy this food is for you. It’s the fact that this article has now made me hungry for a Quarter Pounder.

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source: Yahoo Finance