DNA Test Shows That Twin Girls Have A Different Father

A woman in New Jersey sought to get child support for her two-year-old twin girls when things took a turn for the Jerry Springer. The results of DNA test confirmed, and a judge ruled that the twin girls were each born to different fathers. Although they shared the same womb, they were conceived by two different men. It’s a rare  situation which doctors call “bipaternal twins” or more commonly called Yomammaisaho.

Originally the mother only identified as T.M. said that her former lover A.S. was definitely the father of both girls. However once the paternity test showed that he was only the father of one of the girls, she later admitted to sleeping with two men in the same week. The judge ordered A.S. to pay $28 in child support a week for his one daughter… which should cover half a box of diapers.

Bipaternal twins occur in about one in every 13,000 paternity cases. Doctors believe the mother ovulated twice in the same 48-72 hour period in which each egg was fertilized by a sperm from a different man. When sperm from two different dudes fertilizes the lady eggs it is called superfecundation and if you are in high school you should totally ask your biology teacher to explain it to the class.

OK, we need a palate cleanser! Now to get all of those gross thoughts out of your head here is an old video of sextuplets laughing.

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Source: CNN