Dave Coulier’s Wedding Photos Gives You A Bigger Full House Reunion

If there ever were an official Full House reunion TV special, Uncle Joey’s wedding would probably be the better storyline to pull it off. Dave Coulier got married yesterday in Paradise Valley, Montana and there was no shortage of familiar castmembers on hand to wish Dave and his bride-to-be Melissa Bring well.  Even Kimmy Gibbler showed up.







Wait–who is this Jeff Franklin guy? Was he the neighbor or something? You may not recognize his face, but you definitely know the name. Just takes a different font-type for it to finally click.


Of course we’re missing a couple of key characters here who weren’t in attendance, but let’s be honest, we’re not all that surprised.  Reminds me of this great re-cut Full House intro “without Michelle”.


But there’s always been a mixture of various types of Full House reunions from Saget’s Roast to the Jimmy Fallon sketch where Saget, Stamos and Coulier dress up like their old characters and even a 2012 get-together where Stephanie and D.J.’s boyfriend showed up, but this one seemed extra cool because it wasn’t an appearance for money but out of actual friendship. That’s what Full House was all about, right?

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