Husband Corrects His Tattoo Of His Now Ex-Wife In The Greatest Way Possible

Sometimes you get a tattoo of your loving wife…and sometimes you wish you NEVER did such a dumb thing because that woman turned out to be your worst nightmare. There are limited details to this husband’s situation, but one thing can be certain, the correction he made to the tattoo of his now ex-wife is amazing.

You know what they say, “marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.” That is until you’re totally over it and want to get rid of the unfortunate piece of art that you regret ever getting.

Posted on the internet with the headline “My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex wife!”, the friend began to field questions regarding the tattoo…and why the hell a husband would get such a thing in the first place. He gives details like the fact that the tattoo was acquired in Los Angeles, that the husband has tattoos all over his body and so on, but one detail that we REALLY wanted to know was WHY she was so awful of a person to be turned into Satan. We’re still not sure, seeing as how that detail was not clarified but we are thankful that the husband was able to remove someone from his life that makes him think of Lucifer.

One word of advice worth mentioning that the husband gave his friend, that we will now pass on to you is “Your piece of ass isn’t worth your peace of mind”.