Disney Princesses Meet Fifty Shades Of Grey

The folks over at Cosmopolitan were sick of just giving us some salacious sex tips. So to celebrate the release of 50 Shades of Grey today they decided to unleash one anonymous DeviantArt artists NSFW creation: Disney Prince and Princesses mashed up with scenarios straight from 50 Shades Of Grey. See all of your favorite childhood movies “ruined” below. Which one is your favorite?  

1. Anna & Kristoff From Frozen

2. Aurora & Philip  From Sleeping Beauty

3. Mulan & Li Shang  From Mulan

4.Tiana & Naveen  From The Princess & The Frog
[[contentId: 2819997| alt: ]]

5. Belle & Beast From Beauty And The Beast  

6. Jasmine & Aladdin From Aladdin

7. Pocahontas & John Smith From Pocahontas

8. Ariel & Eric From The Little Mermaid

9. Cinderella & Prince Charming From Cinderella

Source: Cosmopolitan

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