If Disney Characters Were On ‘The Walking Dead’ (8 Pics)

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on Mar. 25, 2014



Woody, Buzz & Jessie

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look like if they were on The Walking Dead?

Really? Never? I think about that every day.

But lucky for me, I no longer have to wonder, because a French artist by the name of Kasami-Sensei has done all the leg work by creating these awesome pics.

From The Little Mermaid to Mulan, all of Mickey's ladies (and some Disney dudes) get the zombie-Apocalypse treatment. It's a whole new world.

Cinderella, Snow White, & Aurora



Ariel & The Prince






Hercules & Phil



Elsa & Anna






Pocahontas & Zombie John Smith



Nord20 User

This season of Walking Dead has been so boring we just call it 'Walking' now.

Obiwayne66 User

Why do all of the girls look like a porn parody version of the walking dead?


so kids would lose interest in about 10 minutes then continue getting into shit