Disney Cast A Straight Guy For Their First Gay Character So Of Course People Are Losing Their Shit

If you don’t like a certain movie, don’t go see it — duh. Yet what used to be a simple concept back in the 90s has somehow turned into “Wait, I don’t like something? Better go tell everybody on the Internet in case they didn’t know!” Today’s latest case comes from Disney, as the film studio is claimed to be getting ready to feature their first openly gay character in a movie…except they cast a straight dude, and the people wanted a gay dude, and now everyone’s got their panties in a bunch because THIS ONE GUY…


…is not gay.

Jack Whitehall Gay Disney Character: Grab Your Pitchforks

According to Huffington Post, actor Jack Whitehall was cast to play a “very camp” gay character in the upcoming Jungle Cruise film. The character is supposedly “hugely effete” and “very funny” — though while I’m sitting here like “Oh cool, stuff,” tons of people on Twitter lost their shit:

Look – I get wanting to have a gay actor play a gay character, but people in hell want ice water too and look how they’re doing. I wanted an Asian guy to be The Last Samurai, but instead I got Hollywood’s leading scientologist and alien buttfucker. Life isn’t fair! That’s just a fucking fact.

Jack Whitehall Gay Disney Character: Get Over It

And if you don’t like poor Jack Whitehall getting his moment in the sun, then don’t go see the movie. It’s that simple. I haven’t paid to see a Tom Cruise movie in over a decade and my life is going perfectly “alright” – and besides, how do we know Jack Whitehall isn’t gay? Dude could be slurpin’ butts right as we speak and all this hullabaloo is over nothing.

It’s almost as if people forgot that movies are about making money, and that there’s a large portion of the world who would not care for an actual gay actor in a gay role, confusing and illogical as it sounds. Why can’t we just be happy that there’s even an outwardly gay character in a Disney movie in the first place? Why we gotta go and whine about everything? Be happy you’re alive, somewhat healthy, and living in a time period where people can bitch about there not being enough gay people around without getting stoned to death for blasphemy — having constant outrage over non-issues only prevents people from listening to you in the future, when there might ACTUALLY be something worth getting pissy over.

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