Disney Announces New Huge Star Wars Theme Parks At Disneyland & Disney World

Even if you are not the biggest Star Wars fan, this news is enough to get your lightsaber to stand at attention. This weekend at the D23 convention, Disney CEO Robert Iger announced that the company will be creating their single biggest park extension ever, adding a new 14 acre world to both Disneyland in California, and Walt Disney World in Florida. The new attractions will be a fully immersive “jaw dropping” Star Wars theme park complete with droids and aliens that serve you at the restaurants including Mos Eisley’s Cantina. I think I just shot first.  

R2-D2 dripping with toddler snot, just the way you always wanted to see him.

The world itself is going to be a “remote trading post on the edge of wild space.” Sounds like there will be a disturbance in The Force with everyone geeking out for some time to come; Iger did not give a date on when the new parks will be open. They are expected to cost around two billion dollars to complete. They are going to have to sell a lot of Chewbacca throw rugs in the gift shop to make that dough back.

Is this like how with old video games, the commercial always looked way cooler than the game?

Here are some artist renderings of what the new Star Wars theme park will look like. You may notice that the artist has included depictions exactly what the park will look like with a flying Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter spacecraft.

So it is pretty exciting to know that Disney has developed spacecraft capable of interstellar flight, one of the ultimate dreams of mankind. Although instead of visiting Alpha Centauri and seeing if life exists on the planet known to be circling that star, the functioning Millennium Falcon will be giving 11-year-olds whose parents paid 100 dollars a ticket a quick ride around the park. Cool.

Here you can watch Robert Iger make the announcement:

Are you excited to visit a Star Wars theme park?

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Source: CNN