Turns Out Disney World Fans Don’t Like Poop Themed Desserts

The Fourth of July weekend is coming up and if you’re near the Orlando area, you might be considering taking the family to Disney World because you’re either insane or you let your kids rule over you like a mad, unreasonable dictator overseeing a third-world country with a bloated military regime. So if you’re in the second happiest place on Earth this weekend, you might notice that a certain treat as been taken off the menu at one of their concession stands at their Animal Kingdom theme and you can probably guess why it’s no longer there.

Earlier this week, the theme park started a testing a new treat that can only be described as a “poop dessert.” That’s not a description of its taste or a review. That’s literally what it was: a dessert shaped like animal poop.

The sh*tsiciles came from a new concession stand in the park called a bakery called Zuri’s Sweets Shop. The number-two treats came in four different varieties including (and I swear I’m not making this up) elephant, rhino, giraffe and cotton-top tamarin. I’m assuming that those were also the sizes like how Starbucks makes you say words like “venti” and “tall” instead of large or medium.

The poop shaped treats were just balls of tasty mixtures of things like oats and peanut butter for the elephant variety and pretzels and fudge for the tamarin. Well, if that got your mouth watering, you’ll have to make your own because Disney closed the store and discontinued the item by order of the company’s new food service president and former Naval commander Capt. O’Bvious.