Dinosaur Fossil Found With Preserved Feathers And Skin!

While you might not remember much of what you did in college other than a large number of bong rips, an undergraduate paleontology student at the University of Alberta, Canada did something amazing. Aaron van der Reest discovered that a specimen of an ostrich-like dinosaur called Ornithomimus had preserved feathers and skin.  Thanksgiving is going to be intense this year.

I think we are going to need a bigger deep fryer.

This discovery is helping scientists theorize how dinosaurs may be more closely related to modern birds, rather than reptiles. The feathered dinosaur which looks more like Big Bird than a T-Rex, was discovered in Albertata, Canada at the Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Formation. Ornithomimus which lived 75 million years ago was pretty bird like;

“If you picture an ostrich, it would have looked quite similar to that — long legs, long neck, small head,” van der Reest said.

Evidence has been mounting for a while that dinosaurs are fluffier and feather covered than previously thought. Finding feathers and preserved skin on a dinosaur specimen is pretty rare. According to Phys.org;

“Although the preserved feathers are extremely crushed due to sediment compaction, scanning electron microscopy reveals a three-dimensional keratin structure to the feathers on the tail and body. van der Reest made the initial discovery during his first year as an undergraduate student, supervised by Philip Currie, Canada’s leading palentologist.”It’s pretty remarkable. I don’t know if I’ve stopped smiling since.”

When the news of dinosaur “feathers and skin” still intact hit the internet many imagined some soft fleshy dino meat hanging off of some ribs, leading to some interesting scientific conclusions. Sadly though, these scientists found fossilized remains and did not find a fresh, greasy bucket of KFC dinosaur wings.

Break Question of The Day: How would dinosaurs taste?

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Source: Phys.org