That Time Mark Hamill And JJ Abrams Spoke About ‘Star Wars’ On TV Back In 2005

In honor of Mark Hamill’s 63rd birthday, let’s take a look at some really random Episode VII trivia.

A long time ago, in a television episode far away, Jon Favreau hosted a talk show where he and his guests would just chit-chat over dinner. The show was called Dinner For Five which sounds like a terrible sitcom on FOX nowadays, but at the time it was a pretty excellent show and still is.

In this particular episode which aired all the way back in 2005, Kevin Smith who is a huge Star Wars aficianado (and also directed Hamill in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a title tipping its hat to Smith’s Star Wars fandom) guest hosted the episode with his guests JJ Abrams, Mark Hamill, Stan Lee and Jason Lee. The whole episode is great, but it’s Abrams and Hamill that really count.

Hamill tells a great story about how Lucas demanded Hamill to hold his lightsaber with two hands when he thought it’d make for better choreography if he had one hand free. Curious if Abrams was taking mental notes, even back then.

I queued up the clip to start on Hamill’s main segment, which leads into JJ Abrams main segment discussing how his first film that he wrote was Regarding Henry and how he had to meet Harrison Ford before production began. Pretty interesting considering what the future held.



It’s funny to see Smith starting out saying that there were rumors about him writing a Star Wars pilot for television in which Hamill would come back to play Skywalker when the gentleman sitting to his right would actually be the one to bring him back 10 years later after this taping. Crazy stuff.

Let’s just hope the movie is as awesome as it should be. So far it’s looking pretty solid.

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