DiGiorno Pizza Stupidly Tweeted A Joke About Domestic Violence Last Night

DiGiorno Pizza is in some real hot water today.  See anything wrong with this tweet? At first glance, it’s a pretty innocent sentence using the hashtag #WhyIStayed.

Unfortunately for whomever is DiGiorno Pizza’s social media writer, the hashtag which was trending is referring to domestic violence and most people who saw the tweet generally thought DiGiorno Pizza had lost their damn minds. The tweet has since been deleted but not before it was too late and everyone ran with the comment.

After the video of Ray Rice knocking out his at the time fiance went viral yesterday, the hashtag formed with many women discussing abusive relationships on Twitter’s public forum. And of course, people sometimes see the trending hashtags not knowing what they are about, which seemed to be the case with DiGiorno. Now they’re literally apologizing to everyone who tweets at them. Whomever tweeted that quick joke had no idea the over time they were about to put in.

Since DiGiorno Pizza has been burning the midnight oil asking for forgiveness to the entire world, most people are almost feeling bad for the account and it’s never ending apology. And now that websites have taken notice, it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime today.

So let it be a lesson to any company who doesn’t take a moment to make 100% sure they themselves are understanding what they’re putting out there. It was clearly an honest mistake, but the worst mistakes are the one’s everyone on earth can see. Be good, DiGiorno social media person. And get another pot of coffee brewing. It’s going to be a rough day in the office.

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source: Mic, Adweek