Dieting Dachshund Lost 44 Pounds In These Stunning Before & After Pics

For everyone who already gave up on their New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year, well now you have one more thing to feel bad about. A wiener dog in Ohio named Dennis, who was really more of a thick bratwurst, dropped from 56 pounds to 12 pounds ; 75 percent of his body weight!  And he didn’t even get lap band surgery!

He went on a 30 day cleanse; no more eating his poop.

The tubby Dachshund ate a diet of White Castle burgers and pizza- that’s a bad doggy! –Actually his former owner was a total dick for feeding the little guy lots of human food and not caring that he was getting so obese as to be immobile on his stubby little Dachshund legs. He was already the size of FIVE normal sized miniature Dachshunds. If Dennis ate anymore burgers, pretty soon firefighters would have to come with a toy crane and cut him out of his dog house.   

Someone needs to switch to Diet Bone.

Luckily for the little meat roll, his old owner’s niece, Brook Burton adopted him and put him on the right track to healthy living. She’s like the Richard Simmons for dogs, but without the spandex and frizzy hair.

Get off his back, he’s tried Jenny Beg.

Dennis went from junk food to eating dry dog food and going on lots of walks with his new owner Brook who helped him shed those pounds like it was fur on a black couch. It took over two years of hard work but Dennis lost 44 pounds and is looking pretty good!  He lost so much weight that he had a lot of excess skin which had to be removed by a veterinarian.

Did he try Slim Fast or just get a tapeworm?

The now six year old wiener is a lot happier and even chases squirrels – and I’m assuming all the ladies.

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