Did This Flock Of Birds Form The Face Of A World Leader?

This is either some kind of freak coincidence, or Russian President Vladimir Putin has the ability to spy on America through the synchronized controlling of a flock of birds. There is no other option to consider, even if some people believe it to be fake. A woman riding on a tour bus through New York City posted the clip which quickly gained attention due to a creepy formation of birds which appear to materialize into a human face. Some debated who the “face” looked like and it was quickly settled on as Vladimir Putin.

Now if they form a giant hand and start crushing things we are in trouble.

I choose to believe that if birds fly together long enough eventually they will come together in a random pattern…  which happens to be Putin’s face. The original video was posted by a user named Sheryl Gilbert under the title “strange behavior of birds (New York).” The tour bus appears to be traveling through Brooklyn across the Williamsburg Bridge.  So hopefully nobody on the Williamsburg Bridge says anything negative about Putin; band members from Pussy Riot can tell you that that doesn’t work out so well.

Watch the clip of the Putin loving birds here:

This is probably just that thing were our brains recognize “faces” out of random patterns, but you have to admit the clarity with which the “face” appeared is pretty startling.

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Source: Daily Mail UK